1 / 7 / 16

I won’t be starting this post off with a quote, but rather a song recommendation:

“The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!”  – Sufjan Stevens

I know it’s unrelated to the topic at hand, but this song is so so so beautiful. Sufjan has been described as having an “intuition for melody”, and his talents are wonderfully and poetically expressed in the above tune. For anyone unfamiliar with Sufjan’s work, his lyrics are to absolutely faint for (because dying is a little extreme).

Now onto my New Year’s resolutions.

Time-Consuming: Daily Exercise

To my credit, I’ve been at this every day (shocking). Well, almost every day. I took a plant vocabulary quiz and a bulldozer of an AP Gov test today, so I decided to skip one day of Blogilates yesterday and make it up today. Wow, “day” has been said a lot in this paragraph. I should probably stop.

This whole predicament resulted in me doing a little more than 1.5 hours of exercise just this afternoon. I was weak. I was tired. I did, like, half the moves, but at least that means I did the other half. I ate a white chocolate Lindt truffle just for kicks (I’ve been forgoing the whole “eat a truffle for every two days of consecutive exercise” thing, because I’ve been eating way too much sweet stuff lately: at least ten brownies and one heavenly espresso donut in the past half-week or so).

At least tomorrow is a Stretch Day? I’m pretty happy with my progress.

Time-Saving: No More Buzzfeed :0

The Buzzfeed-less life is kind of… refreshing.

Okay, okay, I’m done here. Gotta study up for that physics exam tomorrow. Fun stuff. See you next time.

Angie Lin


1 / 3 / 16

To have your so-called “daily resolution journaling” fall apart on day two is rather embarrassing, eh?

First, some words of the day.

“Once the myth has been told, the lens deforms it as lightning.”

-singer Sufjan Stevens in ‘Blue Bucket of Gold’

In my defense, our wifi broke down yesterday evening, and I had not been informed (my fault for not inquiring) that the parental figures had went out and purchased another modem- another wifi system I could have connected to and saved myself a bucketload of trouble! I’m sure I butchered all the tech jargon there, but basically I was offline, so no new post there.

At the same time, I’ve come to the realization that daily resolution journaling simply isn’t practical in the sense that I don’t always have something new to offer or say. I’m not going to post boring, beige updates if I don’t have to. And thus, an alteration has been made to the system: I’ll frequent this blog for the sake of accountability but not to the point of redundancy. There.

Time-Consuming: Daily Exercise

So far, one Lindt truffle has been devoured to celebrate two consecutive days of successful exercising (it was the plain milk flavour but absurdly delicious). As for today, I had already engaged in physical activity prior to my daily Blogilates stint, so I felt rather dizzy during the middle of an abs routine. I switched to similar-lengthed cardio videos, and it was a-ok. I’m going strong. 3 for 3.

Time-Saving: No More Buzzfeed :0

Not much to report on.

Ah, there you have it! See you soon, and good luck to you readers (I’m speaking to, like, one person here) on your New Year’s resolutions! In more heartbreaking news, school resumes tomorrow. Please pray for me as I return to sleepless academic hell.

Angie Lin

1 / 1 / 16

I think I will start a trend by beginning each daily update with a quote. Not necessarily related to the subject at hand, just a set of words that I found worthy to be shared and worthy to be given an extra thought to.

“But mostly, it was difficult to unpack a legacy of gender and racial oppression, when I am one of the biggest beneficiaries.”

-white model Cameron Russell in her 2013 Ted Talk

And now onto the resolutions!

Time-Consuming: Daily Exercise

Despite being asleep roughly half the day, I was able to successfully complete both the assigned videos and the challenge. Mostly because it was a Rest Day/Stretch Day (didn’t even break a sweat), but those are small details. Heh heh.

Also, a friend gifted me a bag of roughly 15 assorted Lindt truffles (one of the best candies to have ever been crafted on the face of this Earth). As a mini prize, I will allow myself one chocolate for every two consecutive days of successful exercise.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 11.21.24 PM.png
*not an accurate representation of me or my artistry
Time-Saving: No More Buzzfeed :0

No Buzzfeed today! I have, however, noticed that I’ve wasted a lot of time on other websites, so I’m not sure how effective my time-saving resolution actually will be. To combat that, I’ve set it up so I’m only allowed to go on Twitter for a maximum of five minutes a day- which is perfectly fine, because I’m really only supposed to use the site to view news updates for APCP (a class at school).

Decently successful day, I’d say. But there wasn’t much effort necessary for said success, so I guess I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow. Until then, sayonara.

Angie Lin

pre: january

Oh, January. The first month of 2016. In essence, it’s the “Monday” of the year. It’s also the kickstart to 12 months of self-transformation.

(If you haven’t read “the beginnings“, hop on it. If you have, then you’re aware of how this li’l system of mine operates.)

January and February are combined together with the two goals being:

Time-Consuming: Daily Exercise

Man, oh man. This blogger here is severely lacking in the department of physical health. While I’m not obese, per se, or significantly overweight, the pounds have been compounding and the parental figures have been commenting.

I play travel badminton at my high school (yes, it’s a sport, and yes, we take it seriously, and no, it’s not only Asians who play), but the season starts in March. That’s three months away, which may not sound like much, but that’s three months of an exercise-less regimen. That’s three months of Angie slowly outgrowing her albeit drab wardrobe.

Hence, the execution of this goal- Blogilates!

For those who are unaware, Blogilates is a Youtube-based pilates channel hosted by the bubbly Cassey Ho. I used to follow her playlists closely, but I guess I just got busier and lazier.

For this month, I will follow her January 2016 calendar, as well as her 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge. I’ve also coerced roped in a friend to do it with me. You know what they say about workout buddies- they work!

Since I’m far too stingy to print out the color calendar (which you can find on Cassey’s website, blogilates.com), I combined both the video and the challenge calendar and made my very own little shebang.

Yeah, it’s crooked, the green is overpowering, my handwriting is messy.

And there you go. My exercise plan for January 2016.

Time estimate: -1 hr per day

Time-Saving: No More Buzzfeed :0

As someone whose family does not subscribe to any newspapers and who personally is sick of unsubstantial TV news broadcasts, I happen to get all my information from Buzzfeed.

Yes, it’s as stupid as it sounds.

Not only that, I spend way too much time entertaining myself on that website. Besides the crosswords that sometimes spark a little something intellectually or the occasional feel-good story, Buzzfeed is an inconsequential compilation of oft-preachy, clickbait-y articles and pointless quizzes such as “Can You Kiss the Right Guy on New Year’s Eve?”. Not even kidding. I stumbled across that quiz just today (according to my results, I can’t).

I’m in the process of persuading my dad to subscribe to The Week, a weekly roundup of global news and political stories. It’s a merited magazine recommended by a teacher, and it’s definitely not as heady as The Economist, which I simply don’t have the time to read.

If The Week satisfies the subject of current events for me, Buzzfeed only has its quizzes and funny Tweet lists left to offer. Enjoyable? Yes. Useful? Ha. Ha.

As for the execution of this goal: block Buzzfeed on my computer using a program like Nanny on Google Chrome. Uninstall the app from my phone. Hopefully, no relapses will occur.

And so it begins.

Time estimate: +45 min per day

Wow, I wrote a bunch. Too much, perhaps. Welp. Better too much than too little, amirite? Either way, I have homework to do and an entire speech to write in four days, but I will, indeed, see you tomorrow.

Angie Lin